Our Mission

Creating something new – with care. With NEW LIFE, we want to promote sustainable products and heighten people’s awareness of the need to consume consciously and conserve resources.

The name of the NEW LIFE initiative says a lot about its goal: We want to create something new – but with care. We want to breathe new life into old products, while at the same time being mindful of all life on this earth: plants, animals and us humans. To do this, we must be mindful of the resources that nature gives us, as long as we do not want to practice renunciation.

The companies behind NEW LIFE breathe new life into discarded products, creating real added value for people and the environment. For example, relatively short-lived but highly innovative products such as tyres give rise to new products that are also of very high quality and in some cases even have life cycles of up to two decades. These include design objects such as vases and illuminated bollards, but also playground and sports floors.

Create new values

The NEW LIFE initiative is supported by companies and associations whose declared aim is to use recycled material from ELT (end-of-life tyres) as a sustainable raw material for high-quality products with a long service life.

Our product range

Floor coverings

Tartan tracks made from recycled material

Floor coverings

Fall protection floors and slabs made from recycled material

Anti-slip mats

Made from recycled material


Made from recycled material

Stable mats, paddock slabs and horse floors

Made from recycled material

Edgings and borders

Made from recycled material

Sealing compound

Made from recycled material

NEW LIFE initiative advocates recycling and circular economy

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In view of climate change and dwindling resources, the questions of ecologically and economically sensible waste disposal are becoming increasingly important. In Germany, around 600,000 tonnes of used tyres are generated every year and have to be disposed of.

NEW LIFE is an initiative of various companies that recycle secondary raw materials from ELT (End-of-Life-Tires) or produce high-quality new products from these recycled ELT materials. Because used tyres are a valuable raw material with great potential for the economy and the environment.

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The components of worn-out tyres that are no longer suitable for road use and are neither retreaded nor exported can be recycled and processed into rubber granulate or rubber powder. In turn, these secondary raw materials can be used to produce a wide range of high-quality and durable products – from cladding and wall systems to anti-slip mats, load securing devices and floor coverings for games, sports and construction, as well as lamps and vases.

The possibilities and industries for which recycled material from scrap tyres can be used are almost limitless.

With rubber recycling, used tyres are returned to the material cycles. Recycling of used tyres contributes significantly to a functioning circular economy – a closed system in which products made from sustainable materials are used for a long time and then reused so that as little waste as possible is produced.

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