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New products from old used tyres: NEW LIFE initiative is committed to tyre recycling and the circular economy

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The NEW LIFE initiative is supported by companies and associations whose declared aim is to use materials recycled from ELT (End-of-Life-Tyres) including old used tyres as a sustainable raw material for high-quality products with a long service life.

What happens to old used tyres?

What happens to old used tyres that are no longer used on vehicles? This question is answered by the NEW LIFE initiative in its new film. It clearly shows how the old tyres are processed and what products are made from the old tyres recycling. It also explains whether these new products can have an impact on health when used.

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Our recycled product range

from old tyres recycling/rubber recycling

Running tracks
Kraiburg Relastec Fallschutzplatten
Fall protection surfaces and paving
PVP Antirutschmatte
Anti-slip mats / load securing
Conradi+Kaiser Vase Arundo
Genan Gummigranulat
Rubber flour/dust
Genan Kunstrasen
Artificial turf/artificial turf elastic layers
Stable mats, paddock panels and stable floors
Conradi+Kaiser Begrenzungssysteme
MRH SAGU Universal

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Creating new, high-quality products from recycled material (old used tyres recycling)- it could hardly be more sustainable!



Promoting sustainable products - conscious consumption. The benefits of recycling old used tires.



Sustainable products made of ELT - from sports flooring to illuminated bollards



Criteria and application for the label NEW LIFE - recycled product from used tires


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Information on NEW LIFE and on products made of ELT ( old used tyres recycling) for editors and bloggers



Overview of our partners in industry and associations

NEW LIFE initiative is committed to used tyres recycling and the circular economy

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In view of climate change and increasingly limited resources, the question of ecologically and economically sensible waste disposal is becoming more and more important. In Germany, around 600,000 tonnes of old used tyres are produced every year and have to be disposed.

NEW LIFE is an initiative of various companies that recycle secondary raw materials from ELT (End-of-Life-Tyres) including used tyres or manufacture high-quality new products from these recycled used tyres and ELT materials. Because old used tires are a valuable raw material with great potential for the economy and the environment.

Conradi+Kaiser Vase Linea va
KURZ Karkassenhandel Gummipulver

The components of disused tires that are no longer suitable for use on the road and are neither retreaded nor exported can be recycled and processed into rubber granulate or rubber powder. A wide variety of high-quality and durable products can be made from these secondary raw materials (old used tyres) – from cladding and wall systems to anti-slip mats, load securing and floor coverings for games, sports and construction to lamps and vases. The possibilities and industries for which recycled material from used tires can be used are almost limitless.

With rubber recycling, old used tyres are returned to the material cycle. Recycling of used tires makes a significant contribution to a functioning circular economy – a closed system in which products made from sustainable materials are used for a long time and then reused, so that the waste generated is as little as possible.

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