Award for recycled products

Manufacturers participating in NEW LIFE must meet clearly defined requirements in order to label their products with the “NEW LIFE – Recycled Product” label. The criteria were drawn up by experts from industry and associations.

Label “NEW LIFE – Recycled Product”

If a product receives the label, the manufacturer is allowed to use the label in relation to the product. In addition, he receives a certificate in PDF format and has the option of listing his product portfolio in the Products section of

The label is visually similar to the label of the “NEW LIFE” campaign and takes up the campaign name.

NEW LIFE awards two different labels for products made from secondary raw materials:

Recycled Product
(min. 20% proportion Recycling Material of total product)


Top Recycled Product
(min. 80% proportion Recycling Material of whole product)


Basic requirements for manufacturers

Manufacturers who wish to label their products with the “NEW LIFE – Recycled Product” label must be partners of the “NEW LIFE” campaign; there are no additional costs for obtaining the label.

The circle of partners of the NEW LIFE campaign, under the umbrella of the wdk, decides by simple majority on the admission of further partners.

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Award of the label

Manufacturers who are partners in the campaign must request the “NEW LIFE – Recycled Product” label for each product, but at least individually for each product line.

The following criteria must be met:

Each product or product line must be submitted to NEW LIFE with a precise description and an assurance that the proportion of recycled material is at least 20%. The manufacturer will receive a certificate in PDF format, which entitles him to use the label for these submitted products. In addition, the manufacturer receives the label as a file for product-related use, e.g. for packaging design, mailings and online measures.