GENAN GmbH Waste tire recycling, rubber recycling and circular economy

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The founding of GENAN dates back to the 1970s. At that time, the automotive industry was booming and for the first time a problem emerged, in that the growing mountains of used tyres in landfills were rotting very slowly. That was the go signal for the construction of a plant for recycling used tyres. In the 1980s, the idea was further developed and pursued, so that by 1990 the first plant for the recycling of used tyres was opened in Denmark.

The capacity of this first plant was 35,000 tonnes of mixed old tyres.

The plant still exists today, and its capacity was doubled in 2011. The experience that GENAN gained with this plant was the basis for the opening of a recycling plant in Oranienburg in 2003. After a while, two more plants in Germany followed, one in Dorsten and one in Kammlach. In 2014, GENAN finally opened the first plant outside of Europe – the world’s largest used tyre recycling plant in Houston has a capacity of 100,000 tyres per year. Since 2019, GENAN has been operating another plant in Portugal.

The company’s development focuses on sustainability and the further development of the possibilities of the material made of ELT. This idea was rewarded in 2017 with GENAN’s product innovation: GENAN SAFE rubber pellets are uniform in shape and size and are ideal for shock-absorbing playground surfaces.

GENAN is pursuing a sustainable future: