Estato Umweltservice GmbH Waste tire recycling, rubber recycling and circular economy

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With around 100 employees at the two company locations in Weiden and Werl, Estato Umweltservice GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality rubber granules.

Founded in 1994 as A.T.U. Umweltservice, since then, Estato has been offering complete workshop waste disposal. Even back then, Estato was responsible for the disposal of 600 locations of the A.T.U. group. Car batteries, used tyres, used metals, used oil, oil filters, brake fluids, coolants, as well as paper and cardboard are professionally disposed of by Estato.

On this basis, Estato developed a successful approach for the treatment of recyclable materials and waste disposal.

The company now operates state-of-the-art systems, such as an oil filter crushing plant and a channel baler press for pressing paper or foil.

Today, Estato Umweltservice GmbH is, as an independently-certified provider, a strong disposal partner for regional and super-regional customers in a wide variety of areas.