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The campaign website was launched to start the campaign

Willich, 13.01.2020 Eight members of the Working Group Secondary Raw Materials in the German Rubber Industry Association (wdk) founded the NEW LIFE initiative at the end of 2019. Their declared aim is to demonstrate to the media, politicians and the general public the advantages of recycled products from End-of-Life Tyres (ELT) and motivate them to act sustainably. Today, the website was launched, providing comprehensive information on recycling products, from background information on recycling management and approaches to sustainable action, to the presentation of products made from recycled materials. This includes, for example, surfaces for sports and games, edgings and boundaries and playground accessories, as well as lamps or vases and much more. Other planned measures include the publication of a magazine, participation in trade fairs and events and the creation and distribution of film material. In addition, the NEW LIFE initiative is introducing the labels “Recycled Product” for products with at least 20 percent recycled ELT materials and “First-Class Recycled Product” for products with at least 80 percent recycled ELT materials.

With NEW LIFE from the throw-away economy to the recycling economy

In Germany alone, around 584,000 tons of used tyres are generated every year – tyres are an innovative product with valuable constituents, but they usually have a service life of between one and six years, depending on the mileage. This results in a huge mountain of scrap tyres every year. In about one third of the cases, used tires are simply incinerated – but this does not correspond to the principle of perfect recycling management, whose goal it is to use and process raw materials in a resource-saving manner. Accordingly, used tyres are ideally shredded and broken down into their constituent parts in order to manufacture very high-quality products that can often be used for much longer than a tyre. Just think of fall protection surfaces on playgrounds or artificial turf pitches for professional football. This means that the original product is returned to the raw material cycle and, even in this application, has excellent properties that are superior to other products.


Partners of NEW LIFE are Conradi + Kaiser living industries, Estato Umweltservice, Genan, Kraiburg Relastec, Melos, MRH and REGUPOL BSW. In the Federal Republic of Germany alone, about 584,000 tons of scrap tyres accumulate every year and have to be recycled. The recycling products obtained from this, in particular rubber granulates and rubber powder, are ideal for the resource-saving development of innovative products in a wide range of application fields. These partner companies of the NEW LIFE initiative have set themselves the goal of promoting sustainable ELT products and sensitising people to consume consciously.

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