Doing good together

Each and every one of us is called upon to do something for the climate. We demonstrate various possibilities.

What can I do...

... as consumer?

  • When buying, ask yourself whether you really need a particular product and whether there is not perhaps a more environmentally friendly option.
  • You can protect our environment by buying recycled products. This way you can be sure that no other raw materials are taken from nature for your purposes.
  • Also be careful with our resources in direct, private consumption: Do the lights have to be on when you are not in the room? Can you save water by not leaving the tap running while you brush your teeth?

... as a company?

  • If possible, use recycled material in your production - and inform your customers and business partners about what you are doing and above all why.
  • Use recycled products.
  • Ensure as early as the production stage that high-quality secondary raw materials can be derived from your products as easily as possible.

... as media representative?

By the way: federal authorities are already setting a good example – according to Section 45 KrwG (Waste Management and Product Recycling Act), they are already required to check whether and to what extent recycling products can be used in their contracts.