Our commitment to a resource-saving future

Creating new things -
with thoughtfulness

We at NEW LIFE want to promote sustainable products and sensitise people to conscious consumption.

Resource-friendly future

Our Mission

The name of the NEW LIFE initiative says a lot about its goal: we want to create something new, but with care. We want to breathe new life into old products and at the same time treat all life on this earth with care: plants, animals and us humans. To do this, we must be careful with the raw materials that nature has given us, as long as we don’t want to do without them.

The companies behind NEW LIFE breathe new life into discarded products and thus create real added value for people and the environment. For example, relatively short-lived but highly innovative products such as tyres are turned into new products that are also of very high quality and in some cases even have life expectancies of up to two decades. These include design objects such as vases and illuminated bollards, but also play and sports surfaces.